Live Dictionary v2 – Python Application

Hey guys, m back with something for which most of the people were waiting for. Here is the 2nd build of Live Dictionary which is again based on Python Programming Language. Also, my work will be available on my GitHub Repository


  • used class and object
  • background changed
  • added translation radio button
  • new frame for translate window
  • exceptions handled using messagebox event
  • translation can be performed on both the combobox
  • searches (.txt) can be saved to app path

Modules included:

  • tkinter (obviously)
  • PyDictionary
  • mtranslate

Below is the screenie…


*Note: The applications requires network connection to perform searches.

Also, source code is available at GitHub. If you have any queries, more simplified programs or solutions then kindly comment below. Also you can Email me your doubts and queries related to program.

Download Link: DictLive_v2_build_1352017.exe



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