Live Dictionary v2 – Python Application


Hey guys, m back with something for which most of the people were waiting for. Here is the 2nd build of Live Dictionary which is again based on Python Programming Language. Also, my work will be available on my GitHub Repository


  • used class and object
  • background changed
  • added translation radio button
  • new frame for translate window
  • exceptions handled using messagebox event
  • translation can be performed on both the combobox
  • searches (.txt) can be saved to app path

Modules included:

  • tkinter (obviously)
  • PyDictionary
  • mtranslate

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Live Dictionary – Python Application


Hey guys, I’m back with my all new stuff. I have created an application for windows using python programming language. The application is called Live Dictionary. There is nothing new in it but I have integrated some features as in, a user can search for three things i.e. Meaning, Antonyms and Synonyms of the word. Also, it allows to save your searched content in a text file which will be generated automatically in your current program folder.

Since the name only defines ‘Live’ i.e. it requires internet to search the content. Below are some screenies …

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Email Spoofing


Email spoofing is the forgery of an email header so that the message appears to have originated from someone or somewhere other than the actual source. Email spoofing is a tactic used in phishing and spam campaigns because people are more likely to open an email when they think it has been sent by a legitimate source.

Hehehe…Copied from Google. But in simple words, Email Spoofing is just a creation of fake email message in which you can customize the Senders’s Name, Sender’s Email ID which is difficult to trace the details of the sender for a common people.


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